Cafe 529 Breakfast Menu

Best Breakfast In Wausau, WI

Start your day right with Café 529's Breakfast Menu in Wausau, WI. Indulge in the finest breakfast offerings, featuring mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches on croissant or bagels, and a delightful assortment of baked goods, from pastries to bagels with cream cheese. Discover the perfect morning flavors at Wausau's best coffee shop and restaurant. Cafe 529 welcomes you to savor the day with our breakfast creations.

Italian egg sandwich with crisp bacon on croissant bun served by Cafe 529 in Wausau, WI for breakfast.


Italian Egg Sandwich
Frittata, ham OR bacon, mild cheddar on croissant or bagel.

Pastries, muffins and sweet treats assorted on table top with cup of coffee at Cafe 529 in Wausau, WI.


Served with cream cheese.

Assorted Pastries

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